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Is Strikeforce's Match Making Slipping?

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Some dude challenged Scott Coker and the match making they have been putting together as of late.  He questioned if Brett Rogers deserved to be in the cage with Alistair Overeem.  Kevin Randleman also made an appearance and said the following:

I think that Scott Coker has done one heck of a job in keeping his company pure.  He's stuck to his guns and hasn't let anyone influence him into changing, and uh..he's done his thing the whole time

Randleman also said that Roger Gracie could be a LHW champion as well as himself.  I think Strikeforce is doing what it can in regards to the Rogers/Overeem fight.  It should be Fedor in there, but what can they do with Fedor's management tripping.  So do you think Strikeforce is doing a good job with what they have, or could they have done a better job as of late?

HT: Cagewriter