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UFC 114 Results: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Survives Jason Brilz And Wins Via Split Decision

The fight begins and Nog with a leg kick.  Nog with a nice knee and a leg kick.  Brilz shoots for the takedown but Nog is having none of it.  Nog lands a leg kick and Brilz catches it and charges forward for the takedown.  Nog was working for a triangle..then tried to sweep and almost had it but Brilz defended and winds up in Nog's half guard.  Nog gets back to his feet and takes Brilz back now and is landing some shots.  They are both back up to their feet.  Brilz with a single leg takedown attempt but Nog defends and they seperate.  Nogueira lands two solid lefts right before the bell sounded.

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The second round begins and Brilz gets the takedown but Nogueira has a guillotine and they trade guillotine attempts.  Reversal after reversal and Brilz locks in the guillotine again.  It's not close and Nogueira defends.  Nogueira gets a single reversal and then Brilz locks in another guillotine.  Nogueira defends.  They stand and Nogueira is pressing the action and landing some shots.  Brilz answers....Brilz has Nogueira rocked as the bell sounds. 

The final rounds starts and Nog lands a solid jab.  Brilz with a single leg.  Nog with a guillotine attempt but it's not clsoe.  Nogueira sweeps Brilz and lands some solid shots.  Brilz looks tired and shoots for another takedown and Nog defends.  Nog with shots to Brilz head and Brilz holds his ankle.  Noguiera with another solid left.  Brilz with a single leg attempt.  Nogueira attempting a Darce choke...he lets it go...Nog with a big knee and a left.  Brilz with a single leg but Nog reverses and and gets him in the crucifix postion and lands some shots. Brilz rolls and winds up in Nogs guard.  Nog sweeps him and is in side control.  Nogueira lands a couple of shots as the bell sounds.