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UFC 114 Results: Mike Russow Knocks Out Todd Duffee In Round 3!!

The fight begins and Duffee forward with punches..landing a few.  Russow with a nice right hand.  Duffee with some huge shots that rock Russow.  Russow is in trouble and Duffee swarms...then backs off and shows some patience.  Duffee lands again.  Russow with a takedown but it's stuffed by Duffee.  Duffee with a lunging right hand that lands.  Duffee with more big punches with some of them landing.  Duffee is controlling all of this fight so far.  Landing a left right uppercut at will.  Duffee with another 1-2 combo.  Russow with a jab finally.  Duffee with more punches and Russow lands a jab.  Duffee with a huge shot...and Russow eats it.  Russow is bleeding over his eye it seems.  Duffee with a high kick and the bell sounds

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The second round begins and Russow with a jab.  Duffee with an uppercut and spins Russow off him.  Duffee with another uppercut as Russow shoots for a takedown.  Russow with a jab and Duffee with another uppercut.  Duffee with a right left combo.  Russow lands a nice right hand.  Russow with a left hook now.  Duffee lunging with the jab and misses.  Russow is stuffed ona takedown attempt.  Duffee with a leg kick and a jab.  Duffee with a solid jab.  Duffee ducks an overhand right from Russow and lands a perfect body shot.  Duffee with the right uppecut left straight.

The final round begins and Duffee with a jab and another.  Russow with a nice right and comes forward but Duffee spins off him.  Russow is stuffed again on a takedown attempt.  Duffee with jabs as he switches his stance.  They trade punches.  Russow with a solid right hand.  Russow lands a huge right hand and another for good measure as Duffee is on the way down.  Duffee is out!!