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UFC 114 Results: John Hathaway Defeats Diego Sanchez Via Unanimous Decision

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The fight begins and Diego counters a leg kick from Hathaway.  Diego with a punch then shoots for the takedown and Hathaway defends.  Diego presses him against the cage.  Hathaway with a solid elbow and Diego gets him down for a brief second and Hathaway is back to his feet.  Hathaway with a leg kick and another.  Diego with a straigh left.  Hathaway with a huge knee that drops Diego as Sanchez was shooting for a takedown.  Hathaway is trying to finish, but Diego is defending well.  Diego looks to have recovered for the most part as he holds Hathaway in full guard.  Hathaway with a elbow and then a couple of punches get throw.  Hathaway with elbows to the body.  Diego looks to be attempting an armbar, but Hathaway defending and dropped some punishment on Diego as the bell sounds.

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The second round begins and Hathaway with a right hand.  Hathaway counters with another right.  Diego with a nice right hook that connects.  Diego with a straight left that lands.  Diego with a 2 punch combo that lands.  Diego shoots for the takedown as Hathaway was kicking and drives him into the cage and gets it.  Hathaway trying to use the cage to stand up.  Diego with an ankle pick to keep him down.  Hathaway back to his feet.  Diego with a single leg attempt, but Hathaway is defending well...and they seperate.  Diego with a leg kick and another.  They trade punches.  Diego with a straight left.  Hathaway with a half hearted takedown and Diego defends.  Hathaway with a jab.  Diego with a right hook and another.  Solid round.

The final round begins and Hathaway with a left right that glances.  Diego with a nice right left combo.  Hathaway with a nice counter left...then a jab.  Diego with a takedown attempt and Hathaway stuffs it.  They trade punches.  The trade punches again.  Diego shoots again and Hathaway defends.  Hathaway with a jab.  Hathaway witha left.  Diego eats kick and appears to be gassing.  Diego lands two solid left hooks and they trade punches as the bell sounds.

Hathaway is awarded the UD.