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UFC 114 Prelim Results: Efrain Escudero Defeats Dan Lauzon Via Unanimous Decision

The fight begins and they come out swinging and Lauzon with a nice leg kick.  Both guys trying to gauge the distance and Efrain lands a solid 1-2 combo.  Lauzon switching stances back and forth.  Efrain with a nice leg kick.  Both guys moving nicely and Efrain grabs a single leg and Lauzon defends against the fence.  Efrain with some knees and a glancing combination.  He pins Lauzon against the cage with another single leg attempt.  They break and take the center of the cage.  Efrain is cut between his eyes it seems as blood trickles down.  Efrain pawing with the jab and then lands some glancing shots.  Lauzon covers well though.  Lauzon with a kick that's blocked.  Both guys pretty cautious as the crowd grows restless. 

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The second round begins and both guys seem intent on engaging more now.  Efrain with a leg kick...and another.  Lauzon misses a superman punch.  Efrain hits Lauzon with like a 30 strike combo including some knees...nothing landed really solid....but alot of those shots were hitting the arms.  Lauzon was defending well.  Lauzon with a double leg that's deep...but the cage saves Efrain and he finishes stuffing the take down attempt.  Efrain with a lot of bounce in his step still and he's starting to take over this fight it seems.  He lands a leg kick and another.  Lauzon starting to slow down now with his hands hanging low, Efrain lands a low kick.  Efrain lands another and Lauzon winces.  Efrain with a 1-2 and Lauzon goes down...I don't know if he was off balance or what.  He's back up to his feet.  Efrain hears the ten second count and tries to flurry but nothing significant lands.

The final round begins and Lauzon with a jab.  Efrain with a leg kick and Lauzon answers but it lands low.  Efrain shakes it off and action resumes.  Efrain lands a nice left counter.  Efrain with a leg kick. Lauzon springs forward with a 1-2 that glances.  Efrain answers with his own combo.  Efrain with a 1-2 and pushes Lauzon against the cage.  They seperate and Lauzon fires a left.  Efrain with some knees and a flying knee...then a leg kick. Lauzon looks pretty gassed.  Efrain with a side kick that misses.  Efrain smiling in the cage.  Lauzon fires a left that comes up short.  Lauzon fires a huge overhand right that misses by a mile.  Both guys fire off wild strikes with nothing landing.  Efrain with a solid leg kick.  Efrain with a low blow(kick) with a few seconds left in the fight.  The ref deducts a point(why I have no idea).  The action resumes with 10 seconds left and both guys go for broke.  Wild haymakers from both guys with both landing some glancing shots as the bell sounds.

The judges award the decision to Escudero(Unanimous Decision).