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UFC 114 Prelim Results: Dong Hyun Kim Dominates Amir Sadollah For Unanimous Decision Win

The fight begins and they trade leg kicks.  Kim with a quick single leg take down.  Kim lands in Sadollah's half guard.  Kim working for an arm triangle but it's not close as he's still in half guard.  Sadollah obtains full guard now.  Kim trying to posture up with elbows and Sadollah is trying to work a high guard.  Kim into half guard now and now back to full guard for Amir.  Kim with a short elbow that lands.  Kim trying to work elbows but hasn't been too successful.  Amir tries to sweep Kim, but Kim was close though.  Kim back into half-guard and lands some shots to Amir's head.  Kim takes Amir's back with one hook in.  Kim with both hooks in now and 20 seconds to go.  Amir is trying to stand as Kim hangs off his back when the bell sounds.

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The second round begins and Amir opens with a leg kick that glances.  Kim ducks under a punch and takes the single leg and is successful.  Kim in side control now.  Amir gets back to his feet and lands a knee.  Kim shoots for the take down again, but Amir defends for now against the cage.  Kim drops down for the double leg and gets it.  Kim in Amir's full guard.  Amir trying to work some elbows from the bottom.  The action slows as Kim is working for that arm triangle again.  Kim doing some damage from the top position now.  He has Amir's arm trapped across his neck while in half guard.  Kim in full mount now and is reigning punches down just before the bell sounds.

The final round begins Sadollah gives up the single leg takedown again.  Kim is posturing up and trying to so some damage now.  Amir with a high guard against the cage.  He tries to sweep Kim but can't.  Kim mounts Sadollah(low mount) Sadollah obtains full guard but Kim postures and Sadollah is throwing upkicks while Kim is trying to pass his guard. Amir works back to his feet and Amir has a sense of urgency with just over a minute left.  He attempts a flying knee but misses and Kim gets the takedown.  Amir back to his feet.  Amir looks gassed but lands a solid left and a right.