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DREAM 14 FULL Results

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I hope all you late night folk will make MMA For Real your home to discuss the DREAM 14 event that will air on HDNet at 3am.  The fight card is below:

-Nick Diaz defeated Hayato "Mach" Sakurai via submission (armbar) Rd. 1
-Ralek Gracie defeated Kazushi Sakuraba via Unanimous Decision
-Hiroyuki Takaya defeated  Joachim Hansen via KO (punches) Rd. 1
-"Kid" Yamamoto defeated "Kiko" Lopez via KO (punches) Rd. 1
-"Wicky" Akiyo Nishiura defeated Hideo Tokoro via TKO (punches) Rd. 1
-Kazuyuki Miyata defeated Takafumi Otsuka via Split Decision
-Kenji Osawa defeated Yoshiro Maeda via Split Decision
-Ikuhisa Minowa defeated Imani Lee via submission (RNC) Rd. 1

SBN coverage of DREAM.14