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UFC 114 Preview: 5 Things To Be On The Lookout For

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You know, on paper UFC 114 looks pretty average to me especially since there is no title fight.  However, the bad blood between Rampage and Evans kind of negates that just a little bit.  Well, it negates all of it because that's just how bad I want to see this fight.  There are some other storylines to be on the lookout for in regards to this event though. 

Here are my 5 things to be on the lookout for at UFC 114:

Will the main event of Rampage vs. Evans live up to the hype?

-Yes.  Mainly because Rampage Jackson can't really be in a boring fight with his come forward bring the fight to you type of style.  Evans will probably dance a little bit, but Rampage will force him to fight.  Add in the bad blood and the stare-down alone(if they do it) will be worth it.

Can Lil Nog win impressively enough to inch another step closer to a #1 contender's match?

-If Nogueira puts Brilz away like he's capable of, we could possibly see him take on the loser of Rampage/Evans.  We could see the UFC re-schedule his fight with Forrest Griffin later this year.  Regardless, Nogueira is a contender and should get some good exposure with all the fans that will view this card.

Can Todd Duffee continue the hype train?

-He should be able too.  There is something about young heavyweight fighters that just blow through the competition.  See Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez.  Todd Duffee, while not quite on there level just yet could certainly cement his name as a legitimate prospect in the division with an exciting win this weekend.

What will Diego Sanchez look like in his return to the welterweight division?

-You know, I said in my predictions that Sanchez will return to top ten status as a welterweight pretty quickly.  There are fights out there with the likes of Matt Hughes, Dan Hardy, and Paulo Thiago.

Can Amir Sadollah continue inching closer to contender status against Dong Hyun Kim?

-I think Sadollah is a solid fighter, but I don't know if he'll ever be a REAL contender in the division.  Kim will be a solid test for him.  The best thing about it is that we'll get to see him fight for free! 

Also, be on the lookout for Efrain Escudero as he tries to right the ship and get back on the winning side of things against Dan Lauzon.  We get to see that one for free as well on Spike TV.  Be sure to join us on tomorrow night for the open thread and discussion as we do for all UFC events.

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