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UFC 114 Preview: Diego Sanchez Says He's The Absolute Worst Matchup For John Hathaway

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Sanchez gave his thoughts on Hathaway to

"He’s a young, tough kid, he’s got a unique style, and I just feel that the kid’s taking a chance getting in there with me," said Sanchez of his opponent. "He wants a big fight, he wants to be on the big card, and now he’s got it. I feel that I’m the absolute worst matchup for him because his style is a ground and pound style, and I look at John and I kinda see me back when I was younger, before I had evolved in my striking. But you can do that for only so long in this sport until you meet a character who has evolved his skills to be able to put it all together, and I feel that’s where I am right now in my evolution. I feel very confident in every aspect of my game. As long as I’m in good shape, watch out."

Ultimately, I'm glad to see Sanchez back in the welterweight division.  He was a top ten guy before he made the decision to move to lightweight, and I expect him to be back there in short order.  I wouldn't say that Sanchez is the absolute worst matchup for him, but the odds are definitely stacked against him.  The problem for Hathaway will be the pace Sanchez fights at for the most part.  The guy is an absolute machine cardio wise, and I don't expect him moving back up in weight to really be an issue for him.  If Sanchez is able to take Hathaway down and obtain top position, it'll be a bad night for Hathaway as Sanchez's  top game is his bread and butter.