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Is Rampage Jackson Correct When He Says That Rashad Evans Isn't On His Level?

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In the video above MMAWeekly speaks to Rampage Jackson about a couple of things in regards to his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 114.  The main topics were the long layoff being that Jackson hasn't fought in over a year, and Jackson feeling as though Rashad Evans isn't on his level as a fighter.  In other words, Jackson has fought and had more success against better competition. 

Jackson makes a valid point in the video in regards to boxers and others having long layoffs then coming back and performing well.  Floyd Mayweather is a good example.  However, I don't think Jackson can escape the documented stories of his hating to train and what long layoffs have meant for him in the past.  Notably against Forrest Griffin whom Rashad Evans beat while Jackson lost a controversial decision(I still think Jackson won).  Regardless, that fight shouldn't have even been that close.  Anyways...

SBN coverage of UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans

In regards to the competition they both have faced, they have two opponents in common.  Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin.  Jackson destroyed Liddell twice(a Liddell that was in his prime), while Rashad KTFO him as well.  However, Evans was arguably losing that fight before he hit Liddell with that haymaker.  As mentioned Griffin got the decision win over Jackson, while Evans finished Griffin via TKO.  However, he was probably losing that fight before taking it to Griffin at the very end. 

Jackson is the more experienced of the two for sure, and a lot of the top guys Rampage faced happened years ago as well.  It's not exactly like Jardine and Wanderlei Silva are at the top or where they once were.  So do you think there is any validity to Jackson saying that Evans isn't on his level?