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Tito Ortiz Neck Surgery Video, Do You Think Tito Ortiz Will Fight Again?

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Tito Ortiz talks about the neck surgery he needed that got him fired from the set of TUF 11.(The actual surgery is shown in the video). He says he can't fight hurt anymore and look for excuses. Basically, it's another fusion surgery similar to the one he got on his back last year. I'm not a doctor by any means, but I'm of the belief that you are never really back to 100% after going under the knife no matter what the surgery is. Especially the ones involving your spine/neck area. I know some pitchers have had success after having Tommy John surgery, but you get the just of what I'm saying. Ortiz claims to have 4-5 more years of competition in him, but I just don't see it. It wouldn't surprise if he doens't fight again, but I guess you can't count him out since he came back from the back surgery. However, he looked pretty bad during the Forrest Griffin fight at UFC 106 last year. I know he said he had some nagging injuries or whatever, but regardless, he was pretty much a punching bag in the last round of that fight. At 35 years of age, how much more can a guy endure?