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Report: Forrest Griffin Out Of Action Until At Least September Due To Shoulder Surgery

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin was scheduled to fight this upcoming weekend agaisnt Antonio Rogerio Nogueria.  However, he had to pull out of the fight due to a shoulder injury that has required surgery.  Griffin had surgery this month and will be out of action for at least the next twelve weeks according to the Las Vegas Sun:

"He saw a specialist in Los Angeles and had it worked on," Gifford said. "It was minor surgery, nothing crazy. He'll start physical therapy in six weeks and be on the shelf for 12 weeks.

"We're not sure on a return, but October would be a good guess. Maybe late September."

Griffin is coming off a split decision win against Tito Ortiz at UFC 106, and it's unclear of who he could possibly face in his return bout.  I'm sure that will also depend on the win and loss results from the upcoming match ups in the UFC light heavyweight division.  Jon Jones is scheduled to fight in the beginning of August, and if he gets past Matyushenko he could be a prime opponent to face Griffin if they UFC really wanted to build him.