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Georges St. Pierre Explains Why His Approach To Fighting Is Perfect

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Which pretty much means he wants to inflict damage to his opponent without taking any damage himself.  I mean that is the true objective in fighting, regardless of being exciting or whatever?  GSP talks about quite a few things to MMAJunkie and addresses the fans/media that criticize him for not finishing his opponents

"I did add some great highlights that people don't even acknowledge," St-Pierre said. "At the end of the third round, for example, the best grappling highlight of my whole career was in (my fight with) Dan Hardy."

The highlight, he said, was when he took Hardy's back, transitioned to a legock and passed guard, all in quick succession.  "That was a beautiful display of jiu-jitsu," St-Pierre said. "People don't even know this because they don't have the knowledge to appreciate what happened. Some do, but a lot of people did not acknowledge what happened."


"I watched a fight the another day when (Ronaldo) 'Jacare' (Souza) fought Joey Villasenor," St-Pierre said. "The fight was on the floor almost the entire fight, and [Jacare] couldn't seal the deal, and Jacare is known as the best jiu-jitsu guy on the planet, almost. They don't blame him, but they blame me."

Maybe some people thought Villasenor was more of a threat to Jacare to win or something?

"I'm fighting safe," St-Pierre admitted. "Every time I step into the octagon, my life is in jeopardy. For me, it's more important to not get hit than to hit the guy. I will never fight in a way [in which] I fight like I flip a coin.

"I never took risks. The only fight I took a risk was when I fought Matt Serra, and I went in a stupid exchange, and it was not smart. I got caught; Serra beat me fair and square, and he deserved the victory that night. But it taught me a good lesson, and I don't want it to happen again."

"When I'm standing up, I hit the guy, (and) I pick my angle, and I'm smart," he said. "I'm not afraid to say it: I'm not a brawler, and I'm not a coward. I'm not going to trade punch one-for-one with a guy. I'm going to hit the guy and not get hit. That's a smart way to fight."

I mean say what you want, but he is correct in that the smartest way to fight is to hit without being hit.  Fighting isn't about showing how tough you are.  Sure we like for guys to exhibit a lot of heart and come from the brink of defeat to win a fight like Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has done multiple times.  GSP sums it up right here:

"I don't fight like an idiot," St-Pierre said. "That's what defines me. I'm (not the) champion because I'm the strongest guy in the division. It's not because I'm the fastest guy. I'm not the best grappler. I'm not the best striker. I'm not the best wrestler. But why I'm champion is because I fight smart every single fight.

"It's like F-1; you need a good driver and a good car. If you have a very good driver but a bad driver, you're not going to win the race. If you have a very good driver and a bad car, you're not going to win, either. So I have a good car and a good driver, which is even more important."