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UFC Announces Former CFL Commissioner Tom Wright To Lead UFC Canadian Operations

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The UFC made the annoucement today at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.  Lorenzo Fertitta spoke on the importance of the move:

The reality is, is that Canada is an important market for us," Fertitta said. "If you look at Toronto, which I believe is the fourth-largest commercial business area in North America behind New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. So it obviously makes sense from a business standpoint. Plus the fact that a lot of our partners that we deal with from a television standpoint and other areas are based here in Toronto. So physically doing business in Toronto is important for us."

Dana White considers it a move to lock up the North American market.  I'm speculating here, but probably so they can continue their international expansion efforts with shows like they did in Abu Dhabi.  This is Wright's role in a nutshell:

Wright's role will be to continue the efforts to secure regulatory approval in provinces all across the country as well as building the brand through licensing, merchandising and UFC gyms in Canada

So, that was the 'huge annoucement' the UFC had scheduled for today.  Which ultimately could be huge if the UFC succeeds in getting MMA santioned in Ontario.

HT: MMAFighting