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UFC 114 Preview: Dan Miller Talks Michael Bisping And Being The Underdog

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"To me, beating Bisping counts as a big deal," he says. "I’ve always wanted to fight him. I respect him a lot and think he’s a great fighter. People should look forward to this match-up because stylistically, he’s a really good striker while I’ve got a good ground game. It’s obvious that he’ll be looking to stand and defend while I look for the takedown. I really didn’t get to show my best side in my last two fights, and this will be my chance to do that."... I am always looking for the submission," he says. "I love choking people out. It’s like basically having a guy say, ‘I don’t want to be in here with you,’ and that’s a great feeling, to win a fight in such an impressive fashion."

"After my last two fights, I know I’m going in the underdog and that everyone thinks I’m going to get my butt kicked," says Miller. "But I have to admit, I think I like it this way."

Yep, it'll pretty much be Miller's wrestling and submission offensive against Bisping's ability to sprawl and brawl.  However, one must not overlook Bisping's active guard once the floor hits the mat.  He has shown the ability to stymie guys with good top games, as well as scrambling to get back to the standing position.  Miller is coming off back to back losses, the last one against Demian Maia who oustruck Miller and isn't necessarily known for his standup abilities.

Bisping made a good point in his video blog though, speaking on the fact that Miller was probably worried about being taken down by Maia so he was overly cautious with his standup(not that it's world class by any means).  Ultimately, I think Bisping can keep the fight standing and probably win a decision as Miller is pretty tough to put away. 

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