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Could Gegard Mousasi Beat King Mo Lawal In A Re-Match? He Hopes To Get The Chance On NYE

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Mousasi speaks on who he would like to fight next via MMAFighting:

"I don't have a specific opponent that I want to fight," Mousasi said. "I don't know who is going to participate in the tournament but I would love to fight King Mo again. I hope on New Year's Eve I will get my shot at him."

Mousasi hopes to fight Lawal over on the DREAM year end show which would take place over in Japan, where both fighters have fought extensively.  Mousasi lost his Strikeforce light heavyweight title to Lawal last month via unanimous decision.  Here Mousasi talks about why he believes he lost the fight to Lawal:

"I think it wasn't my takedown defense," Mousasi said. "I was, in my life, somewhere else maybe. I fought his fight. I didn't sprawl, I wasn't sharp. maybe my condition should have been better. So, there are a lot of things that I could say that went wrong but basically it comes to: he fought his fight and he won. I didn't fight my fight. It wasn't that my wrestling wasn't good enough or my sprawl wasn't good enough, I think I just fought stupid."

Eh.  I think it's basically that Mousasi had never fought a high caliber wrestler like Lawal, so maybe that's why he thought he was somewhere else in his life.  Also, having a high caliber wrestler on top of you for large amounts of time will zap all of your energy, so unless you are training with those type of fighters there is nothing to prepare for that.  Mousasi is right in that he didn't fight his fight, but that's because he couldn't fight his fight and he'd never be able to fight his fight against Lawal.  Frankly, his sprawl isn't good enough.  I said that Lawal would beat Mousasi the first time they fought, and I don't see a second fight going any different.  The scary part for Mousasi is that the more experience and training that Lawal gets, the tougher he's going to be to defeat as time goes on.

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