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Local Fight Scene Update: Review of Saturday Night's Carolina Fight Promotions Event

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Saturday night saw the return of MMA to the Schwartz Center in Wilmington, NC as Carolina Fight Promotions presented the first event of their "Bud Light Summer Fight Series." Brandon Ciereck was onhand for MMA For Real to recap the evening's action. His recap is below:

Carolina Fight Promotions started off their summer fight series Saturday night at the Schwartz Center in Wilmington. The house was packed as the fans came to see seven amateur matchups and four professional fights. There were a lot of debuting fighters and this card featured the professional debut of middleweight Derek Brunson. We saw a variety of finishes with only one fight going the distance and the rest ending in the first or second round. Overall, CFP put on a good show with the only issue being a lengthy delay before the championship fights due to an issue with having an ambulance on sight. Now for the results:

>Amateur fights:

Fight #1- > 170 lbs.- William Coggins (1-0) def. Justin Linder (0-2) by armbar at 2:56 of the second round. This matchup provided an exciting start to the card with a lot of action and transitions. Will Coggins came out in his debut fight and displayed some impressive takedown skills and ground control. After coming close to sinking a rear naked choke for much of the first and second rounds, Coggins was able to quickly slap on an armbar as the second round came to a close to secure the victory.

Fight #2- > 145 lbs.- Luke Green (1-0) def. Clinton DeVoe (0-2) by a stoppage due to strikes at 1:26 of the second round. This fight continued the fast paced action as Green also displayed some impressive take down skills as soon as the fight began. DeVoe wasn't able to do much as Green quickly gained top control and rained down strikes until the ref stepped in.

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Fight#3- > 145 lbs.- Kyle Whittington (2-0) def. James Ronsick (3-10) by guillotine at 1:51 of the second round. This was another impressive outing for a young and talented Whittington. Kyle came out big with a powerful takedown as soon as the fight began. The Wilmington local displayed some great ground control and jiu-jitsu for only his second amateur fight. Ronsick put up a good fight, though, and was able to escape a few submission attempts that Kyle threw at him before finally succumbing midway through the second round. Whittington is a very impressive young guy that will definitely be one to watch as his career progresses.

Fight#4- > 155 lbs.- James Jones Jr.(1-2) def. Chris Delaney (0-1) due to a medical stoppage before the start of the third round. This was an athletic matchup between two very quick and eager fighters. Delaney came out strong with some nice takedowns early in the fight. The second round went quickly with nice takedown defense by Jones. Both fighters seemed very exhausted after the second round and Delaney was not able to continue the fight. I am unsure as to whether his condition was due to a fight related injury or exhaustion, but Chris did show some promising moves and hopefully will have a better outing for his next fight.

Fight#5- > 175 lbs.- Bobby Long (2-0) def. Darius Crane (0-1) by KO at 0:37 of the second round. These two amateurs showed heart as they came out and put on a standup display. Long showed some boxing skills with a few big punches landing in the first. It didn't take long for him to finish Crane with a big right hand in the second. 

Fight#6- > 205 lbs.- Keith Nevins (1-0) def. Zebulon Moore (0-1) with a stoppage due to strikes at 2:04 of the second. This was the debut for both of these fighters and Nevins aka "Pimpzilla" displayed some impressive striking and ground and pound. I was impressed at the size and strength of both of these light heavyweight fighters. Nevins used his size and speed to overwhelm Moore for much of the fight until the ref had to step in. Nevins seems like he has a good camp and he looked impressive in his first outing. He is definitely someone that I would like to keep an eye on in the near future.  

Fight#7- > 190 lbs.- Samuel Vanderslice (3-0) def. Nick Hurley (1-1) by unanimous decision. This won the fight of the night award, which it definitely deserved. Both fighters came out and showed some heart and determination. Vanderslice was very confident in his striking, displaying some nice body kicks and combinations. The majority of the fight was spent standing up with a lot of exchanging of the fisticuffs. Hurley showed a lot of tenacity as he threw some big rights and managed to knock down Vanderslice midway through the second. I really think that Hurley threw some nice punches but would be more successful if he used more jabs to set up the big hits, which is something that he will learn with more experience. Both fighters walked away from this fight happy which is a sign that they both gave it their all.

> 185 lbs.- Andre Adams (1-0) vs. Nick Rados (0-1) Rados did not show up to the venue, so this fight did not take place. Adams looked fit and ready to fight. He should be fighting on an upcoming card, maybe the second card of the series later next month.

> Pro fights:

Fight#8- > 185 lbs.- Derek Brunson (1-0) def. John Bryant (1-4) by rear naked choke at 0:52 of the first round. This was the pro debut for Derek against a strong veteran in John Bryant. Brunson came out strong and quickly showed off his wrestling experience with a sweet double leg takedown right off the bat. Bryant was overworked and gave up his back for Derek, who quickly sunk in a choke. Brunson is another fighter that should definitely be watched over his next few fights. 

Fight#9- > 170 lbs.- Pete Martin (1-1) def. Jason Nicholson (1-9) by KO at 0:19 of the first. This was the quickest fight of the night with a nice takedown by Martin. Nicholson was out pretty quickly, I'm not positive on whether he was KO'd by striking or from being slammed, but he was unconscious for a few tense minutes. He did eventually wake up and was able to walk out of the Schwartz Center. Martin looked good and his supporters were definitely representing big in the crowd.

Fight#10- > 170 lbs.- Jake Whitfield (4-1) def. Lemont Davis (2-5) by rear naked choke halfway through the first round. Whitfield came out to defend his title against Davis and put on an impressive display. He quickly took Davis down and did some work from full mount. Davis was cut early and tried to escape by standing up, which is when Whitfield caught him with a RNC to secure the win.

Fight#11- > 135 lbs.- Brandon Garner (8-1-1) def. Paul McAdams (3-3) by stoppage from strikes in the crucifix position at 2:12 of the second round. The first round was primarily spent with minor exchanges until Brandon managed a nice takedown at the end. The action picked up in the second when Garner landed a BIG knee in the clinch that phased McAdams. Paul was able to recover and took Garner down with a good double leg. Garner quickly reversed his position and was able to put McAdams in a crucifix and rain down shots until the ref stepped in. Brandon looked in shape and showed some good kicks and ground game. He will be defending his title again soon, most likely at the second fight card of the summer series in June.    

Overall, this was a pretty good card that provided some nice finishes and marked the debuts of several young fighters.