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UFC 114 Preview: Can Mike Russow Overcome The Power Of Todd Duffee?

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Mike Russow talks about the upcoming bout at

"I definitely think Todd Duffee’s going to be a tough fight and I’m sure I’m the underdog going into this. He’s got a lot of hype from his seven second knockout (over Tim Hague at UFC 102) but I think he’s a real tough kid. He’s got a lot of talent and I know he works hard, so I’m expecting this to be a real tough fight."  "His strength is obviously his boxing; he’s very heavy-handed and he’s very athletic. I hope to get in there, take him down and pound him out. That’s what I’m going to try to do. I’ll try to keep it exciting, keep the pressure on, and try to keep a tough pace going."

Russow is a veteran in the game fighting since 1998 and holds a career record of (12-1). The lone loss coming against a well respected fighter in Sergei Kharitonov back in 2007, and Russow's only been to the judges twice in his career.  One of those times was in his UFC debut against Justin McCully in which he won a unanimous decision back at UFC 102.  Russow's record is impressive numerically, but when you really look at it, he hasn't beaten any top guys for someone that's been in the game for such a long time.  Duffee has never been past the 7 minute mark in any of his 6 professional fights, so it'll be interesting to see how this one unfolds.  Can Russow brave the power and agility of Duffee, or will Duffee show some weaknesses the longer the fight goes?

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