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UFC Announces Fan Expo For Boston On August 27th-28th

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With the highly anticipated return of UFC® Fan Expo™ taking place in conjunction with UFC 114 Rampage vs. Rashad this Memorial Day weekend, the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, in partnership with Reed Exhibitions, today announces its third UFC Fan Expo set to take place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday, August 27 and Saturday, August 28, 2010. 

This'll be great for the east coast fans, but ultimately I think this is the UFC putting more pressure on the state of New York to legalize the sport of MMA.  UFC 118 is going to take place in Boston and that show is going to do big numbers at the gate and PPV wise.  Having another UFC Fan Expo is only going to heighten the money spent that weekend, and that's money the state of New York is going to miss out on.  Because guess where a large percentage of the people that are going to attend the festivites will come from that weekend?  Cue the Jay-Z/Alicia Key jawn.....New York.