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Report: Dana White And UFC To Make MAJOR Announcement In Canada Next Week

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship is set to hold a press conference next Tuesday at Rogers Centre in Toronto, where the Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts organization says it will make a "major announcement."

UFC president Dana White and chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta will be in attendance at the event, which was announced Thursday and will include a media Q&A.

MMA is currently illegal in the Ontario, and it is no secret the UFC has been putting a lot of effort into getting it regulated in the province, which represents one of its largest fan bases in terms of pay-per-view buys. Earlier this month, during the week leading up to the UFC’s third event in Montreal, the organization sent a delegation to meet with Ontario officials to discuss the current roadblocks in getting the sport legalized.

Ok you MMA For Real Prophets out there....give us your predictions on what the MAJOR announcement will be.  It'll probably never be a major announcement, but I'll play along.  Lorenzo will be there though, so you never know!