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GSP to Have Grappling Match with Hockey Player

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Yeah, this is actually happening:

TSN reports that Georges St-Pierre and former Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque have agreed to a friendly grappling match at the Tristar gym in Montreal.

St-Pierre, currently without a scheduled bout, is walking around at 190 pounds. He'll give up a considerable size advantage as Laraque weighs closer to 270 pounds. 

"First we will do a wrestling match, because he believes that he is going to be able to put me down at will, and I believe that I am going to be able to put him down at will," St-Pierre told TSN. "On the ice I would never go against him, he's going to beat me and I agree with that 100 percent, but on the floor I have no problem."

Laraque believes his weight advantage will offset St-Pierre's strength in wrestling. Despite no collegiate wrestling experience, St-Pierre is considered one of the best wrestlers in MMA and last year made news when he said he was considering a run for a spot in the 2012 Olympics.

"The problem is Georges believes I am like a tomato can you can grab at the supermarket and you can lift it and do what you want," St. Pierre said. "He's going to find out that it's not that easy.

Maybe this will be a good time to fix that kimura he couldn't lock up on Dan Hardy...