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Josh Koscheck Said He's Going To Make Georges St. Pierre Stand Toe To Toe With Him And Knock Him Out

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"I don't think I need to get in Georges St-Pierre's head. He knows what kind of fighter I've improved (to). . . . I'm going to have my wrestling so good that I'm going to force Georges St-Pierre into standing toe to toe with me and then I'm going to end up knocking him out, because I believe that Georges doesn't have knockout power and I do."

Here, he touches on something I've point out time and time again.  The fact that Koscheck believed his own hype inregards to his wrestling abilities/credentials and disregarded what GSP was capable of in that department when they fought the first time:

"I kind of just overlooked he was a good athlete and had the ability to learn wrestling so quick," Koscheck said. "I believe that I was young, naive and a little immature. I think now I'm wiser, older and a lot smarter when it comes to preparing and putting a game plan together."

I don't know if Koscheck will win, but with him coming to the realization that he needs to sharpen up his wrestling...he can surely make it interesting.