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Local Fight Scene Update: Full Slate of MMA Action In The Carolinas Continues

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There is a full slate of regional MMA action in the Carolinas over the next week and a half. If you live near any of these areas and are looking for some live MMA to watch, check out the breakdown below for some fights to be on the lookout for:

May 22nd at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC (Xtreme Kage Fighting):

Pro 170 lbs.- Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (SC) 1-0 vs. Daniel Finz (AL) 3-0

Pro 155 lbs.- Lee "Leatherneck Stuckey (NC) 3-2 vs. Jake Pruitt (GA) 2-1

Pro 135 lbs.- Chris Wright (TN) 3-0 vs. Jacob Hebeison (GA) 3-0

It should be interesting to see the matchup between two undefeated fighters (Wright vs. Hebeison). The  NC-GA matchup between Lee Stuckey and Jake Pruitt could be good. Also, Thompson is testing himself against a decent challenge here.   

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May 22nd at the Schwartz Center in Wilmington, NC (Carolina Fight Promotions):

Pro 135 lbs.- Brandon Garner (NC) 7-1-1 vs. Paul McAdams (MS) 3-2

Pro 170 lbs.- Jake Whitfield (NC) 3-1 vs. Lemont Davis (NC) 2-4

Pro 185 lbs.- Derek Brunson (NC) 0-0 vs. John "Big Dog" Bryant (NC) 1-3

This card features the pro debut of # 1 ranked amateur middleweight fighter Derek Brunson. Also, # 1 ranked pro welterweight Jake Whitfield and #2 ranked pro bantamweight Brandon Garner defend their CFP titles. 

May 29th at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo in Charlotte, NC (Elite Championship Cage Fighting):

Am 135 lbs.- Keith Hulin (NC) 4-1 vs. Brantley Furr (NC) 3-0

Am 155 lbs.- D'Juan "Demolition Man" Owens (NC) 7-5 vs. Chris "Ace of Clubs" Smith (NC) 4-2

Am 185 lbs.- Chris Crawford (NC) 5-2 vs. Ronny Huitt (NC) 2-0

# 2 ranked amateur bantamweight Keith Hulin vies for the ECCF bantamweight title against undefeated Charlotte fight Brantley Furr. The Owens-Smith matchup should be intense and the fight between # 3 ranked amateur middleweight Crawford and Ronny Huitt fight offers an interesting clash of styles.