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MMA For Real Chats It Up With Alabama Featherweight James "Yes Man" Logan

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MMA For Real had the opportunity to do an email interview with an up an coming featherweight fighting out of Alabama by the name of James "Yes Man" Logan(2-0).  Logan will be fighting on the upcoming Xtreme Kage Fighting event in South Carolina this weekend.  He'll be taking on Giovanni Brugnoni and we chatted about that upcoming fight, how Logan got his nickname, and more.  Check it out below: 

KH-James, I know you are fighting out of Birmingham, Alabama.  But tell us a little about yourself.  Were you into sports before you got into MMA?

JL-Yes I was Kelvin, I played baseball throughout my elementary and high school years, after that some softball.

KH-Cool, I played a little baseball myself man.  Tell us a little about where you train at and take us through a typical day for you involving training and/or work.

JL-I train out of a camp called Top Breed, in Woodstock, Ala - A normal day usually starts with clean up - we start by stretching exercises then a 30 minuted cardio workout, then we work on a 35 minute strength training, lifting weights - and then on some training sessions we do a boxing class with Brad Thompson - my boxing coach, Casey Sellers works me on my ground game, and then some sparring, that's about the way the training sessions go.

KH-Ok cool.  You have a big fight coming up this weekend at the Xtreme Kage Fighting event in South Carolina.  You'll be taking on Giovanni Brugnoni who is making his debut(unless he's had some unsanctioned fights).  What do you know about Brugnoni and how are you expecting the fight to go down?

JL-Well, I have heard he is a good fighter, he's 4-0 as an amateur,   I don't know a lot about him, but if he is like me, he has trained hard for this fight, as I have and getting to this particular fight is what it's all about, I hope we can have a good clean fight, one that the MMA fans will enjoy.

KH-No doubt.  I like to ask this question.  If nobody has ever seen James Logan fight, why should they come see you fight?

JL-Kelvin, I consider myself a good fighter, I have chosen to fight.  Since I strive to be a good fighter and learn more about the sport every day, the fans of MMA should come see me because I will give them a good fight. 

KH-Your nickname is "Yes Man".  You gotta tell us how that came about.

JL-How I got tagged with that is  I took two fights back to back, and my team said since I won't say "no" to a 145 weight fight, they decided to call me "Yes Man".  I won't say "no" to any contender at 145.

KH-I know you are still relatively young in your career.  Where would you like to see yourself in say 2-3 years?

JL-Kelvin, I have been training for over 2 years now, and it is my passion.  As I said I have chosen this as my career and I hope that I can take it to the top level in professional MMA Fighting.

KH-Tell us something about James Logan that nobody knows....until now..haha.

JL-"The Yes Man" has no secrets. haha : )'s a first.  Who's your favorite fighter and why?

JL-"Little Evil"  I like his attitude, and the way he fights.

KH-Can't go wrong with Pulver.  I wish he could have faired better towards the end.  I know it's not your weight class, but I have to ask this because the trash talk between the two is just epic right now.  Give us your prediction on the Rampage/Evans match up at UFC 114 and why.

JL-I believe Rampage will have a KO in the second round.  Because of all the animosity that Rampage has against Evans.  He is the kind of fighter, that if he is angry with you, then he is gonna beat you.

KH-If Rampage is in shape, I agree with you.  James, that about all I have man.  Do you have anyone out there you would like to thank or any last words for your opponent before yall go to war this weekend?

JL-For having confidence in me and giving me my start  I would like to thank Houston Murphy for standing behind me from day one,, Casey Sellers, my coach, Brad Thompson, my boxing coach, Jared Williams for having confidence in me to become my manager,, Bamfmouthguard and to my Mom, sister, Amber my girlfriend, and the many friends that have helped me grow and come to my fights.

MMA For Real would like to thank James for taking time out of his schedule to speak with us and we wish you good luck in your fight this weekend.