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Beatdown In The Swamp FULL Results From Lake Waccamaw, NC

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Ringside Productions had their initial offering entitled Beatdown In The Swamp 1 to take place this past weekend at East Columbus high school in Lake Waccamaw, NC.  It was a night of finishes at NONE of the 8 fights went to the judges.  The full results are below:

-Gustavo Duarte defeated Michael Gallese via TKO(Ref Stoppage) at 4:30 of Rd. 5(Lightweight Title Fight)

-Amy Bythe defeated Cara McCreddy via Submission(RNC) at :47 of Rd. 1

-Anthony Bernard defeated Albert Avery via Submission(Arm Triangle) in Rd. 1

-Bobby Long defeated Jeffrey Mettler via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 1

-Moses Avery defeated Stacy Harrell via Submission(Guillotine) in Rd. 1

-Aaron Shull defeated Ryan Kersey via TKO(Ref Stoppage) in Rd. 1

-Kevin Taylor defeated Timothy Barnhill via TKO(Ref Stoppage) in Rd. 3

-Anthony Wojack defeated Anthony Capps via TKO(Ref Stoppage) in Rd. 1