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MMA For Real May Lightweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. BJ Penn 1
2. Frankie Edgar 7
3. Kenny Florian 5
4. Eddie Alvarez 2
5. Gilbert Melendez 10
6. Gray Maynard 6
7. Tatsuya Kawajiri 4
8. Sean Sherk 8
9. Tyson Griffin 9
10. Shinya Aoki 3

I know I know....why in the world do you have BJ Penn as the #1 LW in the world when he lost to Frankie Edgar?  First of all, it's of my opinion that Edgar didn't win that fight although it was a close contest.  Secondly, because it was a close fight I can't have Edgar jump from 7th to #1 on that performance. 

Adjustments were made for the Melendez/Aoki fight.  Kawajiri and Sherk have been inactive for quite a while, so if they don't get busy soon...they'll be dropped.