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Tim Sylvia Wants To Return To The UFC OR Strikeforce

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Sylvia appeared on the Tapout Radio show as he prepares to face former World Strongest Man Marisuz Pudzianowski this Friday at the Moosin MMA event in Boston.  Here's what the former UFC heavyweight had to say:

"I would definitely like to get back in the UFC or Strikeforce. We have talked with Strikeforce but right now we don’t know what is happening right now. There is guys I want to fight in both shows.

"I would imagine Strikeforce would be better for me because they would be a little more lenient with me instead of locking me down, there is a lot of things you can’t do when you fight for the UFC. With Strikeforce I could probably fight more often, the UFC has so many top guys now that they are only fighting twice a year and I don’t want to do that.

"I want to fight Overeem, Fedor again, Werdum is a good fight and me and Rogers would be a good fight. Arlovski I think would be [like our fight] number three again, me knocking him out. I think I ruined the poor guy, since I knocked him out he hasn’t been the same."

It's funny that Sylvia still has aspirations to fight more often.  He was singing the same tune back in March 2008 when he was released from the UFC and signed with Adrenaline MMA:

"I'll be real active, fighting six or seven times a year," Sylvia said. "Adrenaline is a new company that's just starting up, but they're allowing fighters to fight outside of their organization. That's huge... Take for instance my last fight. Granted, I loss, but I came out of there unhurt and unscathed. I could have fought a week or two later.

"Being 32 years old, I have four or five good years ahead of me. I plan to make the most of it."

Of course we know that he has fought a total of three times since his departure from the UFC, going 1-2 including an embrassing KO loss to former boxer Ray Mercer.  If he signs with Strikeforce, it's not like he would be fighting more often for them either.  They would potentially let him fight for other promotions, but where else would he fight?  Personally, I'd like to see him sign with Strikeforce as I wouldn't mind seeing him face off against the Brett Rogers, Antonio Silva, Alistair Overeem, or even Daniel Cormier in time.  I'm pretty sure he'll never fight in the UFC again after Dana White dissed him after getting knocked out by Ray Mercer:

Are you kidding me, he  seriously wants to return to the UFC?"  "He hasn't won a fight in years and when he did he usually put everyone to sleep, the only time he's in an exciting fight is when he's getting his [expletive] ass handed to him."
"Look, he just got beat by a near 50 year old in under 10 [expletive] seconds, how do you expect to be taken seriously after that? he just made MMA look like a complete joke. If he has any hopes of ending his career  in (the) UFC he will have to go on TUF, there's no other way he's getting in."

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