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Why Dan Henderson Needs To Move Back Up To 205

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Dan Henderson did a recent interview with MMAFighting in which he spoke about a variety of things from his loss to Jake Shields in his CBS debut, to wanting a re-match with Shields, to when he'll fight again.  Henderson said that's it's possible that he'll return to action sometime later this summer possibly on a CBS card(if they are granted that opportunity), or he's open to fighting on a Showtime card as well.  Henderson asked if his next fight would be at 185 or 205, and Henderson indicated that he didn't know at the time.

Dan Henderson needs to go back up to 205 and here's why:

-He historically has not performed his best at 185.

-The champion that beat him is probably leaving that organization to goto the UFC

-Why would he be waiting to cut that weight at his age anyways?

-He has intriguing matchups at LHW in Gegard Mousasi(who is a possible opponent according to Henderson), Rapael Cavalcante, and current champion King Mo Lawal.

The fact that Jake Shields is probably going to the UFC is the biggest factor in my opinion.  What would be the point of trying to beat the likes of Jacare Souza, Jason Miller, and Luke Rockhold when you have already lost to the current champion who will most likely be vacating the belt?  In the grand scheme of things that belt is pretty much a non-factor, being that the best middleweight in the world is in the UFC and Henderson has lost to him as well.  So by moving back up to 205, Henderson can at least potentially become the Strikeforce champion and have some realistic claim to something because he and Shogun Rua have never fought.