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Has Strikeforce Blacklisted Lyle Beerbohm?

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Strikeforce Lightweight Lyle Beerbohm
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Strikeforce Lightweight Lyle Beerbohm Photo via

This is what Lyle posted on the UG before his fight with Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro:


Before Lyle even posted this, his fight with Ribeiro was on the preliminary card. Usually Strikeforce does not show preliminary fights on  their broadcasts. With about 30 minutes left in Showtime's broadcast of Strikeforce, instead of showing the Lyle Beerbohm vs. Vitor Ribeiro fight (the winner would possibly get the next title shot) Showtime ended the broadcast. Could this be because of Beerbohm's willingness to leave the promotion? Zack Arnold thinks so:

The only defense I could see in the promotion not airing the Shaolin/Beerbohm fight is that Lyle had a lot of heat on him after he wrote that post on The Underground Forumin which he asked for a lawyer to help him get out of his Strikeforce deal. I thought it was very curious that Scott Coker said after the St. Louis show that he wanted the Ribeiro/Beerbohm winner to face Josh Thomson on 6/26 in San Jose. Talk about a quick turnaround. Beerbohm, after the fight, needed to get his arm examined...It’s one of those situations where a promoter essentially gets called out by a frustrated fighter on an internet forum, then books him right away in a dark match with no TV exposure, and then says, OK, now you won your fight, go fight a few weeks later. And if you’re hurt? Then the other guy you fought (Shaolin) gets your slot on television and if you’re not on television, that would be unfortunate… sorry. Yes, Beerbohm is a definite prospect and Strikeforce lacks depth in all divisions, but this is a fighter who has shown he wouldn’t mind leaving the promotion so why would someone be inclined to give him a hard push or more exposure than he (rightfully or wrongfully) deserves? Hardball.

We have seen this tactic from Zuffa, and how they dealt with Andrei Arlovski. The question then becomes, with 30 minutes left of broadcast time why not show the Jesse Finney fight? Finney put together this undercard, he is now a 6-0 prospect. If Strikeforce/Showtime wanted to blacklist Beerbohm, why didn't they show the Jesse Finney fight and other quick finishes on the undercard? I think Strikeforce/Showtime is just bad at promoting their prospects and possibly future stars. Whether Lyle said those things or not, I don't think it effected the way the broadcast ended. I think Strikeforce/Showtime just dropped the ball yet again.\

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