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Should We Blame Don King For Shine Fights Fiasco In Fayetteville?

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I so wanted this show to happen this past weekend.  MMA For Real's Rich Wyatt had driven all the way to Fayetteville from Charlotte to cover the show, and the card really was pretty decent on paper.  Also, there were three local fighters on the card that were going to get a chance to shine(no pun intended) on the undercard.  Of course we know the event was canceled and I've been reading comments on different sites(and this one) talking about how Don King is a douchebag, etc.   He is for all intents and purposes, but when it really comes down to the nitty gritty, I think Shine Fights is the culprit here.

MMA For Real was in constant contact with Shine trying to get some local guys on the card and those that I spoke with behind the scenes already know my frustrations.  I mean it's no coincidence that Ron Foster(Shine matchmaker) re-signed from his position yesterday with all of the un-organization that was apart of the event.  The un-organization of fights getting signed and last minute additions was simply foreshadowing of what Shine failed to do when they first announced the event.

Now, King probably could have let Mayorga fight Din Thomas being that Mayorga hasn't had a boxing match since September 2008.  Not to mention that Mayorga is passed his prime and Don King's days of making money off him are all but over for the most part.  However, being that it's a business and Don King had a legitimate boxing contract with Mayorga, Shine Fights obviously didn't do their due diligence in regards to Ricardo Mayorga's contract with Don King.  Had they done so, they could have worked something out with King(which probably wouldn't have happened without paying A LOT of money), or they simply would have had time to find a suitable replacement to face Din Thomas in the main event.  It's really that simple and the event could have gone down without a hitch.  Now Shine faces a tough uphill climb with the reality of scorned fans and fighters that may be reluctant of agreeing to fight for them again.

All of it could have been avoided if they had just done their homework in the beginning. 

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