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The Real Reason Why The Shine 3: World's Collide Event Was Canceled By North Carolina Boxing Authority

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MMAJunkie spoke with Terrance Merriweather, who is the superintendant of the North Carolina Boxing Authority:

"The show was canceled over concerns [about] the fighters' safety and well-being."...  The North Carolina Boxing Authority canceled the May 15 event – scheduled for Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C. – because Shine Fights officials did not provide the remainder of a bond required to cover fighter purses and did not provide a ringside physician, an official said.

I said as much in the comments section on Saturday.  I want to applaud the North Carolina Boxing Authority(who oversee MMA events here in the state) for a job well done.  The fact of the matter is, if that show would have gone on there was no guarantee that the fighers would have gotten the money they signed contracts for.  Not to mention there was no doctor onsite to treat a major injury should one have occured  Although MMA For Real was told that a doctor finally did show up right after the commission decided to cancel the entire event.  There was just too many red flags to allow that show to go on, and I'm happy to know that the commission did their homework.  Now if they could just find some competent MMA judges, everything would be all gravy.