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Elite Championship Cage Fighting 12 Comes To Charlotte, NC On May 29th

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Marcelo Rodriguez brings his Elite Championship Cage Fighting promotion to Charlotte, NC on May 29th.  The event will take place at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo with the doors opening at 6pm.  It's going to be a great card with 15 fights taking place and you can get your ticket information right here.  MMA For Real regular posters D'Juan Owens(7-5)(Demolition Man) will be taking on Chris Smith(4-2)(Ace of Clubs).  Also, Brantley Furr (3-0)will be taking on Keith Hulin(4-1) in a bantamweight showdown.  The entire fight card can be found below:

-Dennis Clark(0-0) vs. Travis Short(0-0)

-Scott Wendel(2-0) vs. Josh Moree(0-0)

-Rafael Morel(0-1) vs. Jordan Steffy(0-0)

-Salah Hemidach(2-1) vs. Josh Nichols(0-1)

-Gregory Brown(0-0) vs. Chad Tyler(1-2)

-Jason Heilig(2-7) vs. Sebastian Wojdak(2-0)

-John Morales(3-1) vs. Scott Fierle(3-2)

-Chase Morris(0-0) vs. John Ramirez(0-0)

-Justin Zemanick(3-3) vs. Kevin Hulin(4-3)

-Chris Smith(4-2) vs. D'Juan Owens(7-5)

-Ken Lambert(0-0) vs. Jeff Piercy(2-1)

-Curtis Brinkley(3-2) vs. Tony Scarlett(3-0)

-Ronny Huitt(2-0) vs. Chris Crawford(5-2)

-Eric Tilley(1-0) vs. JJ Brantley(3-0)

-Brantley Furr(3-0) vs. Keith Hulin(4-1)