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Where Does Andrei Arlovski Go From Here?

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Let's get this out of the way, Antonio Silva isn't a bum heavyweight that you can just pick up a win over by showing up.  However, the Andrei Arlovksi that showed up on Saturday didn't bring all of his tools to the cage with him.  He did bring his chin though, so that was a positive sign of sorts I suppose.  As I watched the fight unfold, I noticed that Arlovski seemed tentative to engage at times, and also went away from the one thing that was landing with consistency.  Leg kicks. 

Arlovski has now lost three fights in a row.  Now it has been almost a year since he fought last, but how much of his performance can be attributed to the long layoff?  Arlovski's strength is his standup game, but he got out-struck by Silva for the duration of the fight.  Silva consistently countered Arlovski with punches right down the pipe and landed some solid leg kicks of his own.

Also, the power that Arlovski used to exude seems to be vacant now.  Either that or he never really hit Silva with any clean shots, and that's a problem as well is that's the case because Silva has a HUGE target. 

I always vouch for Arlovksi because the guy's skillset can cause problems for any heavyweight out there when he's on his game.  However, he hasn't been on his game for quite some time.  Now Arlovski isn't in Mirko Cro Cop territory where I proclaim that he's finished, because physically he's still in his prime.  Like Mirko though, it seems as if Arlovksi isn't there mentally anymore. 

After three consecutive losses, where does Andrei Arlovkski go from here?

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