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Alistair Overeem Thinks The Fight With Fedor Emelianenko Will Happen

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That's what he said as he spoke with after his huge destruction of Brett Rogers last night:

 I spoke to Scott and everybody wants this fight to happen. I think, I believe even Fedor wants this fight to happen, so… I think it’s going to happen."

"Fedor himself is a true warrior. I respect him a lot. He’s a true champion. I know him from the PRIDE days and actually we got along fine, we worked out a couple of times and a lot of respect there. His management, however, they have accused me of steroid use. They are ducking me, they are putting all sort of barriers to not have the fight happen. I think they’re the obstacle. Fedor’s not the obstacle, I’m not the obstacle, Scott wants the fights to happen, Strikeforce wants the fight to happen, Showtime wants the fight to happen, the fans want it, but Fedor’s management… different story."

Now Scott Coker spoke on the possibilities of the fight happening, but said he'd have to sit down with M-1 Global if Fedor gets past Fabricio Werdum next month:

"I feel that we’ll have a good shot to do it and I think that it’s a fight that should happen. And you know when you talk about Strikeforce we’ve always tried to bring the fights that people want to see and that’s a fight we will work really hard to try to put together. Can I guarantee it? Absolutely not. It’s a fight that we’ll sit down with M-1 after the next fight with Fedor and we’ll have that conversation with M-1."

What is there to talk about?  Overeem's the Strikeforce champion and a top ten heavyweight, and Fedor is the #1 heavyweight in the world.  It's the biggest heavyweight matchup that Strikeforce can put together.  If this fight doesn't go down before the end of this year, Strikeforce will take a massive L.

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