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Bangkok Fight Night 6 Full Results was in attendance at the Gwinnett Convention Center for Bangkok Fight Night 6. Lots of great action. Bangkok Fight Night has sold out it's last two shows and moved to a bigger venue. There were about 1,200 to 1,500 people that attended Bangkok Fight Night 6. The event started a bit late, due undisclosed ring issues. Overall it was a pretty fun night and a surprise appearance by Boxer Roy Jones Jr. was a treat. There was a bit of controversey I want to touch on when I get all the facts.

Amateur Muay Thai: Cororlina Cawthon def. Colleen Louima Unanimous Decision

Amateur MMA: Deace Goodman def. Allan Roque TKO Rd. 2

Amateur Muay Thai: Rachel Seltzer def. Maty Peasantes Unanimous Decision

Amateur MMA: Tori Barkley def. Corey Clark Submission (Injury) Rd. 1

Amateur Muay Thai: Moe Travis def. Allison Stokes Unanimous Decision

Amateur MMA: LJ Jones def. Chris Luiz Unanimous Decision

Pro Muay Thai: Steve Hall def. Kevin Brooks Unanimous Decision

Pro MMA: Ronnie Roger def. Donovan Craig TKO Rd. 1

Pro MMA: Chike Lindsay def. Adam Brady TKO Rd. 1

Pro Muay Thai: Ryan Peace def. Robert Blake TKO Rd. 2

Pro Muay Thai: Allex Berrios def. Anthony Nieves Unanimous Decision

Pro Muay Thai: Eddie Walker vs. Dymond Jones declared a draw

Pro MMA: Warren Thompson def. Brain McGinnis Submission Rd. 2