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Strikeforce Results: Alistair Overeem Destroys Brett Rogers Via TKO In Rd. 1

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 It was the battle of the giants as Alistair Overeem and Brett Rogers went to battle.

Both fighters began the fight pretty cautious, but it was Overeem was able to get his game going with solid leg kicks from his muay thai background.  He had Rogers moving backward the whole time and basically threw Rogers down to  he ground like a little kid.  Once the fight went the ground it was all Overeem as he did what he wanted against Rogers.  He got side mount and did a little ground and pound, then stood up and started delivering some thunderous ground and pound.  Rogers didn't have an answer as he just gave up his back and curled up to absorb the shots from Overeem.  Big John McCarthy came in to save Rogers and give Overeem the TKO win.

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