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Strikeforce Results: Antonio Silva Beats Andrei Arlovski Via Unanimous Decision

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Well.  Andrei Arlovski brought his chin with him into the cage tonight because it got tagged early and often by Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. 

The first round was all Silva as he landed the heavier shots in the round with solid counters and a stiff jab.  He also landed a couple of solid leg kicks as well.  Arlovski was using a lot of movement and landed a few shots and leg kicks of his own, but they had little effect on Silva.  Silva also finished the round with a take down to seal the round.

The second round was more of the same, albeit both fighters seemed to slow quite a bit with a lot of clinching against the cage.  Silva landed the heavier shots as he re-opened Arlovski up as he was bleeding from his nose and mouth.  Arlovski was actually beaten to the punch by the much larger Silva.

The third round started out with Silva landing a nice combination.  Silva continued to beat Arlovski to the punch.  To Arlovski's credit, he ate these shots without getting visibly wobbly or anything.  Arlovski seemed to try and press the action at the 2 minute mark, but Silva clinched with him and pinned him against the cage.  Silva then lifted Arlovski high into the air and slammed him to the mat to complete the takedown.  Silva moved to half-guard and then postured up to deliver some ground and pound.  Arlovski got back to his feet with 25 seconds left but it was too little too late.  Antonio Silva danced and pranced the last ten seconds of the fight almost to showboat in Arlovski's face.

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