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Strikeforce Results: Jacare Souza Outlasts Joey Villasenor For Unanimous Decision Win

Jacare Souza looked like a man on a mission in the first round of this fight.  He executed takedowns and some vicious ground and pound to put Joey Villasenor in trouble.  However, the experience that Villasenor possesses was apparent as he was able to make a fight out of it in the last two rounds.

Jacare scored take down and takedown throughout the entire fight, but the majority of the damage he caused was in the very first round.  Most of the damage was done with hammerfists from within Villasenor's guard.  Jacare also looked to have improved his standup overall, as he landed some solid left hooks and leg kicks while the fight was standing as well.

However, Jacare seemed to slow down quite a bit in the second round which allowed Villasenor to get back into the fight.  He landed some strikes of his own as was able to stop Jacare's takedowns.  The second round was a very close round but I gave it to Jacare, although he commentator's would have you believe Villasenor was dominating Jacare or something.

The third round was all Jacare for the most part as he was finally able to get a few takedowns after being stuffed by Villasenor on the first couple of attempts.  Jacare showed a lot of heart in withstanding some shots from Villasenor while he was dead tired.  The judges awarded the fight to Jacare via unanimous decision.