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Strikeforce Results: Roger Gracie Chokes Kevin Randleman To Sleep In Round 2

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The fight went just as everyone predicted with Roger Gracie submitting Kevin Randleman, however, Randleman looked like he was fighting on one leg and made it to the second round in a competitive match.  The first round was a lot of pawing with jabs from Gracie and Randleman trying to get inside Gracie's reach to land some strikes.  It was a fairly close first round, but the edge went to Gracie.  The second round saw Randleman blast Gracie with a two punch combo, then Gracie closed the distance and clinched.  In the clinch, Gracie landed a knee that hit Randleman and sent him to the canvas.  Once on the ground it was just a matter of time before Gracie would get the submission, although Randleman defended valiantly, Gracie got the rear naked choke for the win.

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