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Shine Fights 3: Thomas vs. Mayorga Entire Event Is CANCELLED

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That's right.  The entire event is cancelled.  Earlier today MMAFighting reported that the Florida judge ruled against Ricardo Mayorga taking part in the main event of the Shine Fights show tonight in Fayetteville, NC.  Check it:

A motion for injunctive relief filed by Don King Productions to stop Mayorga's MMA bout against former UFC fighter Din Thomas on tonight's Shine Fights 3 event in North Carolina was granted on Saturday afternoon, putting the pay-per-view offering's main event in serious jeopardy.

The question now seems to be, will Shine Fights promoters honor that ruling, or risk the consequences?

Not only are they not going to risk the consequences of Mayorga fighting, they have decided to cancel the entire show.  I sent a text around 5pm to Shine officials asking if the fight was still a go, and I received no answer.  However, MMA For Real's Rich Wyatt was on location in Fayetteville, NC, and just called me and reported that the entire show is cancelled.  There were roughly 1,000-1,500 fans at the venue when the news of the cancellation came out.

This is horrible news for all the fans, but even worse for the fighters who have been training in preparation for this event.   

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