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LIVE COVERAGE — Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery Play-by-Play, Live Scoring, Discussion

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ST. LOUIS — Join's Matt Bishop starting at 7:30 p.m. ET tonight for live coverage of tonight's "Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery" show, which will take place at Scottrade Center.

We'll have live play-by-play, round-by-round scoring and discussion of the evening's 12 bouts, which is headlined by a Strikeforce heavyweight title clash between Alistair Overeem and Brett Rogers and another heavyweight clash between former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski and former EliteXC champion Antonio Silva.

The main card starts at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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SBN coverage of Strikeforce St. Louis: Heavy Artillery

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Preliminary card:

Lightweight bout

Matt Ricehouse vs. Greg Wilson

Round 1 — Not much happening early. Ricehouse ends up on top on the ground. They stand and Ricehouse takes him back to the ground. Wilson stands and they break. Lunging knee to the body connects for Wilson but he gets taken right down. Wilson sweeps him and stands but gets taken right back down. Ricehouse lands and hurts Wilson. Up against the cage, a knee to the body connects for Ricehouse but Wilson gets distance. They swing away near the cage with Wilson landing nicely. Ricehouse takes it back to the ground but gets swept and this time Wilson wants to keep it there.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Ricehouse

Round 2 — Uppercuts from the clinch land for Wilson but Ricehouse takes them and then drives Wilson into the canvas. Wilson gets up and takes a knee while doing so. Ricehouse again drives Wilson into the cage and finishes with a mini-slam into side control. Looking for the arm-triangle and he has it but can't compelte it. Turns it into rear-naked choke  but gives it up to pound. Into mount. Ricehouse landing shots. He goes to north-south and into side control. Crucifix position. Elbows would be nice here. Gives that up. Still in side control. Not doing a lot of damage and Wilson regains guard. Ricehouse ends the round landing some shots.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-8 Ricehouse

Round 3 — Wilson opens the round with a takedown but stands. Wilson is still game despite the tough second round. Ricehouse gets his back standing and slams him to the ground and locks in a fight-ending rear-naked choke.

Official decision: Matt Ricehouse d. Greg Wilson (Submission/Rear-Naked Choke) R3 0:45

Lightweight bout

Tom Aaron vs. Erik Steenberg

Round 1 — Fast start that sees Aaron drag Steenberg to the ground. Half-guard. Aaron locks in a guillotine a gets the tap.

Official decision: Tom Aaron d. Erik Steenberg (Submission/Guillotine Choke) R1 0:56

Light-heavyweight bout

Lee Brousseau vs. Francisco France

Round 1 — Feeling out process to start early. France lunges in with wild punches and violently rips Brousseau to the floor. Half-guard for France and he takes his back. He locks in the rear-naked choke and it's all over.

Official decision: Francisco France d. Lee Brousseau (Submission/Rear-Naked Choke) R1 1:27

Welterweight bout

Mike Chandler vs. Sal Woods

Round 1 — John McCarthy is the referee for this bout. Woods throwing a lot of jabs early. Chandler goes for a takedown but thinks better of it once he gets hooked in a guillotine. Huge slam for Chandler and he takes Woods' back and flattens him out. Pounding away now. He's looking for the rear-naked and he's got it.

Official decision: Mike Chandler d. Sal Woods (Submission/Rear-Naked Choke) R1 0:59

Middleweight bout

Daryl Cobb vs. Booker DeRousse

Round 1 — Some serious Internet issues here. So no play-by-play for this round. Round appeared to be DeRousse's.

Round 2 — DeRousse goes for the takedown but Cobb's stuffs it. Cobb lands some shots. Up against the cage, DeRousse leans into him and takes him down. In full guard. Still there. Pulls into half and locks in a D'Arce choke. Needs to roll. He switches into a RNC attempt. He's on Cobb's side and Cobb is now in DeRousse's guard. DeRousse goes for a triangle but Cobb pushes it aside and goes into side control. Both men are tired but battling. Cobb looking to take the back. Both men on their knees. DeRousse rolls and Cobb takes mount. Cobb moves in and lands some well-timed shots but the round ends. Nobody heard the bell and thought it was the end.

Round 3 — DeRousse with the takedown into full guard. DeRousse takes his back with both men on their knees but Cobb rolls into half-guard. Full guard now, not much happening as both men are tired. They stand. Cobb keeps his hands high and DeRousse just shoots right in an takes it back to the floor. That's going to do it. Fight should be DeRousse's.

Official decision: Daryl Cobb d. Booker DeRousse (Decision/Split) 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

The crowd can't believe it. There was a gasp when Jimmy Lennon Jr. said it would be a split decision.

Lightweight bout

Lyle Beerbohm vs. Vitor "Shaolin" Ribero

Round 1 — Beerbohm drives Shaolin against the cage. Shaolin almost takes his back in a brief scramble but Beerbohm recovers and keeps Shaolin pressed against the cage. More of the same for the first 100 seconds. Knee by Shaolin. Beerbohm trying to get deeper on Shaolin's legs. For the first time, the boo birds are out as we are pretty action-less for the first half of the round. They are broken up. Beerbohm dives back in to nullify the brea. Looking for a single. Grappling against the cage. They come off the cage but are still clinched. Beerbohm pushes Shaolin's back against the fence again. Knee to the body for Shaolin. Another break by the referee. Leg kick for Beerbohm. Another. Beerbohm pushes Shaolin against the fence. Rounds ends with boos.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Beerbohm

Round 2 — Back to clinching. Beerbohm keeps his balance on a trip takedown attempt and they separate. Nice body kick by Beerbohm but Shaolin comes back with a combo. Beerbohm stuffs a shot. Jab for Shaolin. Beerbohm really looking for the left body kick. Beerbohm really trying for the takedown against the cage but can't get it. Uppercut lands as they break for Beerbohm. Beerbohm goes for the body kick but Shaolin takes him down. He almost gets his back. Big scramble on the ground now with both men trading top position. Shaolin now has his back. Beerbohm escapes out the back door but Shaolin gets his arm. He gets it again and again and Beerbohm escapes to a loud ovation. Standing now. Shaolin essentially pulls guard with about 35 seconds to go. Tries rubber guard. Beerbohm lands some shots. Shaolin throws up a triangle but can't get it.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Shaolin

Round 3 — Shaolin lands a double jab. Sloppy looping punch gets Beerbohm taken down and Shaolin is looking to take his back. He's got it but Beerbohm escapes again into Shaolin's guard. Omaplata attempt for Shaolin. Beerbohm escapes. Now Shaolin tries a triangle. They scramble and Beerbohm manages to remain on top. Another triangle attempt. Shaolin is winning the round from the bottom here. Beerbohm goes for Shaolin's neck but it is a half-hearted attempt. They stand and Beerbohm lands some strikes. He drives Shaolin into the cage. 90 seconds left and the fight could be in the air. Beerbohm still driving him into the cage with 30 seconds left. Knee to the body for Beerbohm. Shaolin shoots but Beerbohm sprawls. That's it.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Shaolin (29-28 Shaolin)

Official decision: Lyle Beerbohm d. Vitor Riberio (Decision/Split) 30-27x2, 28-29

Welterweight bout

Justin DeMoney vs. Jesse Finney

Round 1 — A Finney high kick scrapes DeMoney's face. Finney ends up on his back by accident but Finney sweeps him with ease. Half-guard now. Finney looking for an Americana from side control. They scramble and stand. Back on the ground, Finney has a headlock and he gets a guillotine and elicits the tap.

Official decision: Jesse Finney d. Justin DeMoney (Submission/Guillotine Choke) R1 3:22

Main card

Light-heavyweight bout

Antwain Britt vs. Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante

Round 1 — They touch gloves and we're underway. Feeling out process to start. Both men land in the first exchange. Britt cracks Feijao and they clinch against the cage. They separate. Britt digs in with a body shot. He is throwing with bad intentions. Britt pushes Feijao against the cage. Britt staggers Feijao as they break out of the clinch. Feijao with two knees to the dome. Feijao with a Thai clinch but his back is against the cage. Britt pushes him against the fence and they are broken up. High kick is blocked by Britt and Feijao drills him with hooks from each hand and finishes with a right cross.

Official decision: Rafael Cavalcante d. Antwain Britt (TKO/Punches) R1 3:45

Light-heavyweight bout

Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman

Round 1 — Another feeling out process to start. Gracie flies in but Randleman steps aside. Gracie lands a knee. Leg kick for Randleman. Not much happening in the first half of the round. Randleman catches a kick but doesn't take him down off it, making his game plan clear. They clinch and Gracie grabs ahold of Randleman's neck but he pops out. Gracie continues to look for it but Randleman escapes and they break with 50 seconds left. Randleman lands as the round comes to an end.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Gracie

Round 2 — Randleman gets off a bit early.  Gracie now fires back with some punches of his own. Gracie ducks in and Randleman puts him against the cage. Gracie again going for that headlock. Knee to the body by Gracie and Gracie drops Randleman and takes mount then into north/south and into mount again. Randleman escapes but Gracie takes his back with one hook in. He digs the second one in and flattens him out. He flips him around and goes for the RNC. He's trying to get it under the chin but can't. Tough spot for Randleman. Body triangle for Gracie with 1:25 to go. Now an even tougher spot for Randleman. Gracie's got it now and Randleman taps and is out before Gracie can remove his arm.

Official decision: Roger Gracie d. Kevin Randleman (Submission/Rear-Naked Choke) R2 4:10

Middleweight bout

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza vs. Joey Villasenor

Round 1 — Jacare misses with a looping punch and falls on his face. Clinch against the cage and they break. Back to it and Jacare gets it to the ground. Half-guard and a bad spot for Villasenor. Jacare mounts. Bringing down right hands. And Villasenor bucks him and escapes. Wow. Back to clinching against the cage. Knees to the body by Jacare then he grabs the legs and brings Villasenor back down with 1:50 to go. Big shots landing for Jacare on the ground. And he allows Villasenor to get back up from half-guard only to take him right back down. Jacare working for a Kimura. He briefly had it but Villasenor escapes.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Jacare

Round 2 — Jacare continues to dominate. Villasenor again scrambles to his feet. Uppercut connects for Villasenor. They trade for awhile until Jacare takes it back to the ground with 90 seconds let. Full guard. Not much happening now. Back to the feet. Jacare goes for another takedown but the fence stops it and the round ends.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Jacare

Round 3 — Jacare getting pretty much every takedown he wants. He's in half-guard with two minutes to go, not doing a whole lot. Villasenor needs to go for broken when this fight is stood up. We've got 60 seconds left and Jacare remains in half-guard. It's stood up with 53 seconds left. Jumping knee connects for Villasenor but Jacare uses it to take him down. 30 seconds left and half-guard again for Jacare. He should be able to ride this out. He does.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Jacare (30-27 Jacare)

Official decision: Ronaldo Souza d. Joey Villasenor (Decision/Unanimous) 30-27, 29-28x2

Heavyweight bout

Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1 — Leg kick for Arlovski to start things out. Both men not afraid to trade here. Leg kick for Silva. Jab for Silva. Arlovski returns with one of his own. Nice hook for Silva. Silva just misses on a big combo. Silva drills Arlovski with three shots but Arlovski takes them. Silva ducks a shot and clinches against the cage. Silva breaks away from the clinch with two shots. Leg kick and two shots for Silva. He takes Arlovski down, more like drags him down but doesn't follow right away. He falls in with a shot. Arlovski on his back against the cage with 40 seconds left. He's got an arm around Silva's head but is just using it to control. Arlovski stands right as the round ends.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Silva

Round 2 — Nice cross by Silva. Silva stops Arlovski in his tracks with a shot and they clinch against the cage. Arlovski turns Silva's back into the cage. Silva with a Thai clinch. Arlovski lands some shots but they are broken up by John McCarthy. Silva shoots in and can't get the takedown. Back against the cage. Silva reverses but nothing much happening. Close to another break. And there it is with 1:42 left in the round. Silva tries a higher kick that only makes it to Arlovski's body and doesn't completely land and Arlovski responds with a high kick that's blocked. Back to the clinch against the cage now. They both swing as they break. That's it.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Silva

Round 3 — Nice body shot by Arlovski and Silva comes back with a two-punch combo. Silva lands twice and presses Arlovski against the cage. They both pummel to the body a bit. And they are broken up again. Centre of the cage. Arlovski misses a big looper and Silva counters with one of his own. Clinched against the cage again, Silva's back to it. Thai clinch for Silva and he lands a knee to the body and reverses Arlovski. And it's broken up again with 2:23 to go. They exchange again and back to the cage clinch. Silva driving for a takedown and he slams Arlovski to the ground with 1:25 remaining. Silva passes to half-guard. Arlovski reclaims guard.Arlovski to his feet with 25 seconds left but they are against the cage. They are broke up with 10 seconds left. Crowd making noise. Silva daring Arlovski to hit him. He avoids it. It's over.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Silva (30-27 Silva)

Official decision: Antonio Silva d. Andrei Arlovski (Decision/Unanimous) 29-28x3

Heavyweight championship

Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers

Round 1 — Knee to the body by Overeem. Overeem working the leg kicks. Rogers goes flying out of a clinch and Overeem gets on top in side control. Not doing much. Elbow to the midsection by Overeem. Rogers flips but can't get up. Overeem stacks him up and gets back into side control. Overeem gets two punches through. Now hes teeing off. Rogers in trouble here and that's it.

Official decision: Alistair Overeem d. Brett Rogers (TKO/Strikes) R1 3:40 (retains heavyweight championship)

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