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Alistair Overeem Say's He Is 'The Chosen One' To Defeat Fedor Emelianenko

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In a recent interview with MMAWeekly, Overeem spoke about why he respects Brett Rogers(who he'l fight on Saturday), but ultimately wants to fight Fedor Emelianenko.  Fedor is considered the best heavyweight fighter on the planet, but Overeem thinks he has the skills to beat him although Fedor's management has chosen not to take the fight:

"I am a pro fighter. I have signed several contracts through my management with different promoters and I fight if the price is right. I would have wanted to fight against Fedor, but I guess his management has other ‘priorities’ for him," said Overeem in an interview with "So I will prove to the world after I win against Rogers that Fedor must accept the fight with me."  "Politics," Overeem answered. "I am the current champion, but the management of Fedor said no."

"He is big and has a strong punch, but I have fought way better and stronger opponents than him. I do not see much problems for me in this fight," Overeem said about Rogers. "(Fedor) is the name to beat and I am the chosen one who can do this."

I'm favoring Overeem in this fight simply because of his experience and level of competition he has faced throughout his career.  He certainly has more tools in the toolbox than Rogers.  However, Rogers does possess big power in his hands and Overeem has been knocked out before in K-1 with much larger gloves.  Ultimately, the stand up skills of Overeem or that standing guillotine(which is WICKED) will find it's home IMO.  What say you?

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