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Ricardo Mayorga Says Don King Is Trying To Take Food Out His Family's Mouth

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Ricardo Mayorga spoke out on Don King's attempt at stopping his MMA debut against Din Thomas this weekend at the Shine Fights 3 event in Fayetteville, NC:

Don King cannot stop this fight because I have only signed contracts with Don having to do with my boxing career," said Mayorga. "This is ridiculous, because Don knows he has not fought me in 18 months and a fighter makes his living and supports his family based on fighting.

I love MMA, and this is a wonderful opportunity for me and my family. He does not give me fights and now wants to try to stop me from fighting, that’s a shame. I have not had any other means to make a living other than fighting. No one can live on air alone. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed being a world champion in boxing, and now have a great opportunity in MMA. Aside from my passion for MMA, I support my family, my children, my mother."

As I mentioned on yesterday, MMA For Real was told that the fight was still a go for this weekend.  There's a court hearing set for 1:30pm on tomorrow to make the final decision in regards to the injunction that Don King filed against the Shine promotion.  Shine president Devin Price gave his take on the Don King situation:

"MMA fans are going to see an electrifying evening of fighting. I have faith in the American justice system, and I believe justice will prevail. When one operates within the rules and regulations, one has nothing to worry about. As far as King goes, it is just his usual smoke-and-mirrors. He shoots his mouth off about an injunction to try and sway the media's perception, and then waits until the last minute to file in hopes of affecting the success of the promotion,"

I guess we'll see the final outcome on tomorrow.  I'll say it'll be a shame if this fight doesn't take place, simply because King has waited to the 11th hour to try and stop the fight.  The fans in attendance would be the ultimate losers.

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