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Thoughts On UFC Primetime: Jackson vs. Evans

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Last night we got to witness the debut of the third installment of the UFC Primetime show which featured two brand new participants in Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans.  The two previous editions featured Georges St. Pierre as he prepared for BJ Penn and Dan Hardy at UFC 94 and UFC 111 respectively. 

I thought last nights show was spectacular.

Almost all casual fans do not realize the importance of this fight, but it's a biggie on a couple of fronts.  It will feature two former champions vying for the #1 contender spot in the deepest division in all of MMA.  UFC 114 will be the first time ever that two black fighters will be featured in the main event. 

The honest animosity between the two fighters is evident and that drove the show.  I loved the way they showed Rampage in serious mode to open up the show.  That kind of set the tone for me as it appeared that Rampage was all business.  Rashad Evans bumping some Al Green in his ride on the way to train was foreshadowing as to how Zuffa would go about weaving intricacies of black culture throughout the show in regards to music.

I thought Rampage came off better in regards to the trash talk, being a former hip hop rap writer, I'm not a fan of the weak wordplay that Rashad associated with quitton.  I think Rampage is naturally the funnier of the two, but Rashad probably has him beat when it comes to impersonations which we'll probaby see before the entire show is over. 

It looks as though Rashad is in extremely good shape already as this training footage is probably a month old or so.  I thought Rampage still looked a little 'out of shape', but again I'm pretty sure the footage has been edited from a while back. 

I thought the way they showed Rashad watching the Machida/Rua fight at UFC 113 was great.

The footage they showed of Rampage growing up, primarily his early wrestling days was good as it kind of helped re-introduce Rampage to the fans as he's been gone for quite a while.  That powerbomb he did on that kid was SICK, and Rampage should sue the UFC for showing that pic of him with that S-Curl.  That was just

I'm looking forward to seeing the difference in Rampage's physical appearance in the next two episodes, as that'll tell us more about what type of shape he's in.  I'm also looking forward to more trash talk and more hip hop songs :).

Yall have any thoughts on the show?