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Can New Mind State And New Girlfriend Put Andrei Arlovski Back On Top?

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"I'm not talking about discipline in my private life," said Arlovski. "I have to stick with my gameplan. What worked against Ben Rothwell, the flying knee, it was great, (but) it didn't work against Emelianenko. He knocked me out. The first three minutes when I fought Emelianenko, it was great. I have to stay more disciplined. Forget about the fancy stuff."  

Arlovski went back on his private life comment mentioning that a past girlfriend was an issue.

"All the time, I worried about what is my girlfriend gonna say," said Arlovski. "Now I have a great girlfriend. She supports me. She never asks me, 'Oh, can I go?' She's gonna support me. I just have to choose what's working for me." 

Arlovski has the physical tools to give legit fighters fits as he's very quick and agile with good power.  However, he'll be facing someone much larger than him, with a better ground game than him, and someone with good power in his own right in Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva.  If Silva can get this fight to the ground, I wouldn't be surprised to see him enjoy success.  Arlovski spoke about going to different camps to try and pick up new things to add to his skillset, including a short stint at AKA.  He has also gone to train with Greg Jackson as well.  Will it be enough to help him get past Silva, or will a Silva win turn "The Pitbull" into a puppy?

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