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Rampage Jackson Is Already Fighting Rashad Evans....On Twitter!

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Man...if we talked about their exchanges on twitter in fight terms, Rampage Jackson has been swarming on Rashad Evans for like 2 rounds straight.  Check out some posts on Rampage's twitter account:

 @sugarashadevans A man with a glass jaw shouldn't talk so much crap. Get the bottom of your feet sponsored son.. cause you getting laid out!

I'm not training to beat @sugarashadevans. I'm training to destroy him!

@SugaRashadEvans Your math is wrong but I'm gonna fix it the on the 29th. I'm done talking..

@SugaRashadEvans Tell Forrest to come fight for you then!!

@SugaRashadEvans This KO is gonna be for my fans! You can't take me down, your cardio is crap, you hit like a kid, and you got a glass jaw.

It's only fair that I post Rashad's posts from his twitter account:

@rampage4real yo' momma jokes?! C'mon son!! Come wit it if u gonna come at all! Made me waste my time responding 2 that corny mess!

@Rampage4real I got ko'd once bruh! U've been ko'd 3x's! I'm not a mathematician but I'm almost certain 3 is more than 1.. Get it 2getha!

@rampage4real just remember I beat Forrest u didn't! Case closed! We'll c what happens May 29th!

I was gonna say that I hope Rampage is spending more time training than posting on Twitter, but it looks as though Rashad is spending an equal amount of time on there as well.