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Strikeforce's Scott Coker Talks Co-Promotion And Fighter Matchup's

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You can check the full interview at MMAFighting, but he touches on a variety of things from wishing the UFC would co-promote, to what's next for King Mo, Dan Henderson, and other fighters.  Check out some excerpts:

Here he answers the question of which fans get to see more of the fights they want to see between boxing and MMA:

Well, if Floyd Mayweather fights Manny Pacquiao I can answer that better, but in boxing, you do get to see the fights. In MMA right now we don't have that. Think about the matchups we could make if the UFC had an open-door policy. We could have Gilbert Melendez fighting B.J. Penn or Frankie Edgar. We could have Nick Diaz fighting Georges St. Pierre. We could have Jake Shields or Jacare fight Anderson Silva. We could have Gegard Mousasi or King Mo fight Lyoto Machida or Shogun Rua. At heavyweight, you could have Fedor or Alistair fight Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin. Those are fights I'm sure the fans would like.

I know he has to sell his fighters, but the majority of those fights I care very little about.  There's a difference between 'good fights' and good fights that mean something.

On Dan Henderson:

More fights. Dan's a great fighter. I could see Dan going against Robbie Lawler, I think that would be a great fight. Jacare or Joey Villasenor would be great fights. If Nick Diaz wants to fight at 185 again, that would be a great fight.

On Mousasi and King Mo:

I think our fight on May 15 between Feijao [Rafael Cavalcante] and Antwain Britt is going to be great, and we also have Roger Gracie fighting Kevin Randleman, so we have some good light heavyweights. But the fight King Mo really wants is he wants to fight Fedor. King Mo could fight at heavyweight and that would be an interesting fight. Dan Henderson vs. King Mo could also be interesting.

On Gilbert Melendez:

I think he could fight a rematch with Tatsuya Kawajiri [Melendez beat Kawajiri by unanimous decision in 2006], I think he could fight JZ Cavalcante, maybe Vitor Ribeiro. I think maybe after another year he'll probably have a trilogy fight with Josh Thomson, and I think those are four good guys he could look forward to fighting.

He also says that Cyborg Santos will fight in June and it will not be against Erin Toughill(we knew that already).  He also says that he expects Gina Carano to fight again.    What do you think on his hypothetical matchups?  Check out the whole thing at the link above.