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Shine Fights Preview: Din Thomas Talks About Shining Against Ricardo Mayorga

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I’m just glad all I have to do is show up and fight," Thomas said. "I couldn’t imagine the position they’re in. They’re taking a big risk on this card not only with the fight I’m in, but they have some other high-level guys on this card. They’re putting their nuts on the line. They get one shot at this for the whole card and then the main event. I’m actually honored that they put me in a position to where they put everything on the line based on the card and I’m headlining it.

"I know it’s a pay-per-view event and I’m excited about it. I do understand the magnitude of the event. I like pressure. I perform better under pressure. As long as I put it behind me and not think about it too much, no pun intended I’m going to shine."

At the end of the day it’s an MMA fight," Thomas said. "I’m sure people will still say it’s MMA versus boxing, but it’s me versus Mayorga. He’s a professional fighter, and he’s not going to be that stupid to think it’s going to come down to me and him in the middle of the ring throwing hands. He can’t be that stupid

Of course Don King has filed an injunction hoping to put a halt to the Thomas/Mayorga fight.  MMA For Real was told that everything was still a go as of yesterday.  It's an interesting fight to say the least, and don't forget that Rich Wyatt will be there covering the event LIVE!

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