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MMAForReal Exclusive Interview with Undefeated Eddie Walker

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Georgia has recently had a major increase in Muay Thai competition. Martal Art fans have been getting behind the recent Muay Thai movement, with Bangkok Fight Night selling out their las 2 shows. Eddie Walker is one of the most succesfull Muay Thai Amateur fighters in Georgia. Walker has been on an absolute tear lately, going 7-0 in Amateur Muay Thai. Walker will be making his Pro Muay Thai debut at Bangkok Fight Night on May 15th. Bangkok Fight Night is one of the few organizations in Georgia that have supported Muay Thai fighters, giving them an opportunity to fight in the state of Georgia. You can purchase tickets here. I got a chance to talk with Walker about a wide variety of topics. Enjoy!

EVeezy: How did you get started in MMA/Muay Thai?

Walker: I have always been of fan of MMA but didn't really know much about Muay Thai until after I started taking Kickboxing classes to help lose weight. My trainer (Anthony Nieves) pulled me to the side one day and asked if I would be interested in taking Muay Thai class and possibly compete, and the rest is history.

EVeezy: What attracted you to MMA/Muay Thai?

Walker: The competition of it really. I wrestled a very long time ago and I liked the challenge of knowing that it was me against the other person and no one was to blame but myself if I screwed up during a match.

EVeezy: What do you think of Georgia MMA compared with the rest of the US?

Walker: I can't really give an honest opinion on that question because I haven't traveled enough to be able to tell a difference. I have heard that Georgia has some of the best Stand Up Training compared to other states.

EVeezy: What motivates you to fight?

Walker: Staying in shape and always challenging myself to get better at my craft. The only way to do that is to test yourself against top talent in the sport and I plan on continuing to test myself for as long as possible.

EVeezy: Do you believe the boxing adage, no sex during training camp?

Walker: Lol! Hell no. That's when my cardio is at it's peak. Have to take advantage of that. Lol!

EVeezy: What do you do in your free time?

Walker: Train and spend time with my son as much as possible. I have a regular job, so training is my extracurricular activity.

EVeezy: Talk about where you train.

Walker: I train at Douglasville Knuckle Up under one of the best Thai coaches in the state (Anthony Nieves). If it wasn't for him, I probably would have never tried to compete. We have a great group of guys there that are willing to help each other out as much as possible and we support each other for every fight.

EVeezy: How often do you see a chiropractor?

Walker: Probably not as much as I should. Lol!

EVeezy: What do you think of the officiating that goes on in MMA?

Walker:'s the thing. People come out to watch fights so that they can be entertained by watching exciting fights. I don't think that the refs stand the fights back up fast enough when the fighters are at a stale mate on the ground. Sometimes you will see a fight where the ref allows the fighters to just lay there for about 4 minutes with no one making any progress in the fight. Stand them up and give the fans what they came to watch.

EVeezy: Why have you hooked up with Sponsored fan?

Walker: Jeff has been talking to me for a while about managing me, but I never looked at it as something that I just needed to jump on. I have a regular career and didn't really know how much of myself that I wanted to dedicate to the sport. But between the time that Jeff first talked to me about a year ago and now, they have done a lot of great things in the sport and I know that they can help me more than I can help myself in the long run. It's an honor to have a company like Sponsored Fan wanting to represent me. It means a lot.

EVeezy: What is your age, height, and weight?

Walker: I am 28 years old, 6'0, and I fight at 185Lbs. Pro and Ammy record I am 7-0 in Ammy Muay Thai and the 185lb. Bangkok Fight Night Ammy Champion, and I am 1-0 in MMA. This coming up fight will be my Pro Debut

EVeezy: Most influential person that got you involved in MMA.

Walker: I would have to say my coach Anthony Nieves.

EVeezy: What jobs have you held outside of fighting?

Walker: I am a Safety Coordinator for a paper mill. Ironic right?

EVeezy: What ranks have you earned in individual Martial Arts?

Walker: I have gotten sexier does that count? Lol!

EVeezy: What is your ultimate goal in MMA/Muay Thai?

Walker: To perfect my craft as much as possible and possibly make it into some of the big shows. I would love to go over seas and fight in some of the K1, or Dream tournaments.

EVeezy: Do you have a wife, kids, girlfriend, etc.

Walker: I have a fiance in which I am going to marry in September in Vegas, and I have a 4 year old son who trains right beside me in the gym. For all the little toddlers out there, you better be careful. Baby Showtime is already hitting some combos. Lol!