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Downtown Beatdown MMA FULL Results From Wilmington, NC

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The Downtown Beatdown MMA event took place this past weekend in Wilmington, NC.  The full results are as follows:

-Solomon Harvey defeated Nicholas Carrow via Submission(RNC) at 1:49 of Rd. 1

-Takis Pepe defeated Alexander Croteau via Submission(RNC) at 2:09 of Rd. 1

-Montrel Jones defeated Sanchoi Anderson via Unanimous Decision

-Jeremy McLumber defeated Travis Elliot via Unanimous Decision

-Nicholas Holliday vs. David Lewis ended in a No Contest at 2:25 of Rd. 1

-William Kuhn defeated Joseph Sullivan via Submission(Guillotine) at 1:09 of Rd. 1

-Rhomez Brower defeated Andre Kaser via Unanimous Decision